Addison Osta Smith Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Among most of the popular master chef contestants who have appeared on the show, Addison Osta Smith has been one of the best. She is the winner of the Fourth Season of the MasterChef Junior. Addison is said to have one of the best chefs to air on season 4. Aside, Addison also got a lot of fan following due to her exceptional cooking skills and her sweet smile. 

Let us learn a lot more about Addison Osta Smith and her chef carrier. 

Addison Osta Smith’s Early Life

Addison was born on April 15th, in the year 2005 in the city of Oakland, California. Her birthplace is in the USA. She does have a well-known family in which her father’s name is Tony Smith and her mother’s name is Kathleen Osta. She got her full name too from her dad and mom’s last names, as in Osta Smith. Addison also has an older sister by the name of Kaelen Osta Smith. She belongs to American origin and nationality too. Her ethnicity and background are still unknown for the time being. If you want to know, her star sign is Aries. 

Addison Osta Smith’s Educational Life

For now, there is specific information available about her educational life. Although from a very small age, she developed a very cool passion for cooking which ultimately got her to the MasterChef. 

She is just 16 years old now. This points to the fact that might be at the end of her High school. Addison may or may not get enrolled in a college at this time. Since she is already too dedicated to cooking, Addison may instead go to a chef school. Further information about Addison Osta Smith’s Education will be updated on the website as soon as possible. 

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Addison Osta Smith’s Chef Career

She is popularly known and famous for winning the Junior Masterchef Season 4. Addison Osta Smith was also the first female winner of the show. Addison was also into cooking when she was just 7 years old. Her parents were the prior figures to get her into the show and make it to the final rounds. She got her father’s guidance to the prominent side. Her mother was the one who got her into the show first hand. Addison Osta Smith nailed herself to being the best contestant of the season 4 show under Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Christina Tosi. 

She has shown great interest in the field of cooking. 

Addison Osta Smith’s Professional life

Despite being an amazing chef, she also had a keen dancing feat on the Hitting The Dance Floor. Addison Osta Smith appeared on the show with another star Miles Brown as a celebrity dancer. She also earned a good amount of fame during her nonchef time on the TV. For the time now, Addison Osta Smith is focused on her expert skills as a winning chef. She seems to be increasing it by learning new things as much as possible from her end. 

Addison Osta Smith also got a lot of TV fame and professional experience in her career. She won the MasterChef and it already became a turning point in her life, career and as a star performer in the show too. 

She appeared in a lot of cooking demonstrations, on common shows including The Steve Harvey Show, Hollywood Today Live. Addison also appeared on The Late Show with James Corden.

Addison Osta Smith’s Social media handles

She is quite active on most of her social media handles, except for Twitter. Her Instagram ID is @juniorchefaddison and has over 40K+ followers on her account. She is not that popular in the social media world but has her own space of presence. She does not post a lot about her life in the social world either. Addison also has 5000+ fans to her Facebook account who follow her and appreciate her for an amazing chef career. 

Addison Osta Smith’s personal life

Addison Osta Smith is only just 16 years of age. So she needs to have a bit more age to get into relationships for the time. 

Although doesn’t seem to look like she even wants to get into one either. Addison has primarily focused on becoming a better chef through all possible ways of learning. But there is still time for her to get into this stuff. Addison Osta Smith is also quite adorable and sweet smiling, she may just be able to attract a lot of boys later. There is also no sort of information on her past relationships at all.  

Addison Osta Smith’s controversies

For the time being, Addison Osta Smith hasn’t been into any kind of false rumors or controversies at all. She is very dedicated to her career as a professional chef and counts on it for letting her be a better expert. 

Aside, Addison Osta Smith is also too small and young for getting into social troubles and till now, she has kept herself away from all these problems. She has strongly kept herself tied to her cooking passion, probably preparing for another season at the MasterChef. 

Addison Osta Smith’s net worth

Addison Osta Smith has earned a good deal of wealth in her lifetime. Till now she has been one of the best to have come on the show and showcase her cooking talent. Addison Osta Smith’s net worth is 1.5M dollars or a little close to 2M dollars, provided her yearly income. She won the MasterChef grand price which was 100,000 dollars worth. 

Aside, Addison Osta Smith also earns a decent amount of money from her being a chef, an amount of approx. 48K Dollars. Further information about her earning and net worth will be updated on the website as soon as possible. Addison also seems to be wealthy among most of the MasterChef winners despite her prominent background. Her worth is also expected to increase up to 2M dollars in the next couple of years. 

This is all about the popular MasterChef champion Addison Osta Smith that you need to know.

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