Adam Saleh Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

If you are familiar with most of the popular singers on YouTube, no way you cannot oversee Adam Saleh. He is one of the most popular as well as dedicated singers on the platform, with over 7M+ subscribers to his channels. His songs and videos have millions of views on the platform, unlike other singers. Adam prominently sings Debut songs and one of his famous albums is “Chapter II”.

Well, let us learn a bit more about the popular singer Adam Saleh. 

Adam Saleh’s Early Life

He was born on June 4th, in the year 1993 and his birthplace is Brooklyn, in the New York State. For the time, Adam Saleh is just his short name. Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh is his full name and if you have guessed it right, he belongs to the Yemini culture. He is also Arabic in origin and his ancestors were also Arabic, although he is born in the USA. There is no official record of his parents or their names. But they are living in the USA too. Adam was born to a Yemen couple and he is one of the six children in the family. He has a lot of nephews and their names are Hamzah, Yousif, Jamal, Moshin and his Younger brother’s name is also Yousif. He also has three nieces, namely Haila, Deena, and Reema. Among all of them, only Yousif has only appeared on one of his videos and his songs, which also seemed pretty good. Further information about Adam’s family will be updated on the website as soon as possible. 

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Adam Saleh’s Educational Life

Adam Saleh has got a very good and educational childhood. Although he was good in his studies, he still got a new career path that somehow suits him so well. He had studied in the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics High school for some time. His first 3 years went good but he left the school after the principal abused him with racism towards his mother. He then got admitted to the Al-Madinah School. Adam was forced and he somehow broke the computer of the principal out of anger. He later studied at Roxburgh College and had to leave the college since it became difficult for him to live there.

Adam Saleh’s Professional Life

For the time, Adam Saleh is now a professional singer on YouTube. There is also a large probability that he also sings on other platforms. But the information is not yet available. All of his songs are available on his YouTube platform. And his channels with the same of his name too. Adam Saleh seems to have built everything on his own and right from the scratch. At first, he initially had no form of support for his passion for songs. But ultimately he did his best to make his name on the most popular platform. 

Adam Saleh’s YouTube channel

Adam Saleh has two channels on his name, “Adam Saleh” with 2.52M subscribers and his “Adam Saleh Vlogs” channel has over 4.8M+ subscribers to the current count. His Vlogs channel’s first video was “Disturbing The Peace! (DELETED SCENES) – TrueStoryASA” which got over 276K+ views over 8 years. The most popular video on the channel is “TALKING TEDDY BEAR PRANK GONE WRONG!!” with 24.6M+ views. Another video is the “STREET BOXING MATCH! ADAM vs. TEAM USA” which also got over 14M+ views till today. Aside, from singing, Adam Saleh also has his passion for creating daily life videos and uploading them to his channel. For this, he got a lot of subscribers to his channel who loves to see such content. His second channel by his name has similar content too. The most popular video on this channel was, “PULLING HIJAB OFF EXPERIMENT” which did get over 23M+ views on the line.

Adam Saleh’s Social media Life

Adam Saleh is a popular YouTube singer and a renowned YouTube personality. His channels are far more popular than most of the singers on the platform. He has two channels, one is “Adam Saleh” which has over 2.52M subscribers and his other channel is “Adam Saleh Vlogs” which has over 4.8M subscribers to the current count. He is also present on the Twitter platform with over 390K+ followers. He has over 1.5M+ followers on his Instagram handle which is also his side income source. That’s all for his social presence. 

Adam Saleh’s personal life

For the time, there is no record of him being in a relationship at all. He also doesn’t have any girlfriends nor is he married. Adam Saleh for now is just focusing on his singing career and doing his best to make sure to keep a good image of himself. 

Adam Saleh’s controversies

Adam Saleh had a lot of controversies in his life due to his origin. He was once told to fly off in a place staying in a suitcase, to Sydney from Melbourne. The security guards over there denied such action. He even got involved with a BBC investigation for the attempted sale of essays. This was a fraud. He got accused of causing a lot of trouble for the passengers on board the flight. Adam claimed to be shouting without any reason at all. For the time, he did his best to keep his image clean. 

Adam Saleh’s net worth

Adam has a couple of YouTube channels to his name and all of them are very popular on the platform. Both of his channels have over 2M+ and 4M+ subscribers which is a feat for him. Despite his active dedication towards songs, he has earned a great deal of money till now. To that, his net worth totals up to 3.5M dollars to the most current date. Adam Saleh seems to have a surge of his wealth to the good side since his channels are getting more subscribers to the time. He also earns a decent amount of money from his Instagram account. 

 Thus, this is all about the popular YouTube star and singer Adam Saleh. 

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