Adam Montoya Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Apart from his acting skills for which he receives praise, Adam Montoya is a classic and popular video game streamer. He also is a commentator on the YouTube platform more commonly known by the name “SeaNanners”. Adam mostly streams call of duty games which is one of his favorite games to date. Well, let us get to learn more about Adam Montoya and his game career from down below.  

Adam Montoya’s Early Life

He was born June 12th, in the year 1984 in San Diego, USA. If you want to know about his Zodiac sign, he belongs to the star sign Gemini. Family details about Adam Montoya are not yet made public or completely out in the official limelight, despite being a popular YouTube star. He has a biological sister but no data about her is released at all. Further information about Adam Montoya and his family will be updated as soon as possible. 

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Adam Montoya’s Educational Life

Provided his age, Adam Montoya already has completed his high school and probably college life. Not so much is revealed about his education life on online blogs either. Although some sort of evidence points that he has studied about TV, media production techniques and film production in his home town. He has completed his college in any one of the institutions there. Further information about his school and educational life would be updated as soon as possible. 

Adam Montoya’s Professional life

Professionally he used to stream games with proper commentary on them to the social gaming platforms. Adam used to work alongside other streamers like Tom Cassel, Markiplier and collaborated with other streamers like TheGamingTerroriser, ChilledChaos, Mr. Sark, Uncle Slam, Hutch, and a lot of other popular streamers. Other than streaming, he even did the filming of weddings. This is when he found his passion for streaming and commentary. Adam then started to upload his commentaries, which is a small-time that gained good fame too. With that, Adam Montoya created the “SeaNanners” YouTube channel which now is insanely popular. After streaming a lot of Call of Duty Games on mostly consoles probably, he then moved to the world of PC Gaming. He started with my craft and then occasionally moved to other platforms too. Adam Montoya’s YouTube success was just after he started to stream and includes his commentary on PC Games. This got a lot of users and an audience base to certainly follow him. Adam Montoya has worked with MAchinima games and posted some of his videos to their channel. He then became a full worker on the network channel and started streaming almost regularly as per his position. 

Adam Montoya’s YouTube career

He uploads a lot of gaming videos on his channel. The current stats are over 1700+ videos that are currently stacked on the channel. For 11 years, his first video was “CALL OF DUTY WORLD AT WAR | Team Deathmatch on Cliffside (34-4 with Commentary)”. The video gained over 500K+ views to date. His most popular video that got an insane 33M+ views to the count was “HUNTED BY MORGAN FREEMAN (The Hidden) – Funny Gaming Montage”. This is the most popular video to date since none of his other videos have gained even half the view count of it. 

Social media handles

Apart from his super-popular YouTube channel, Adam Montoya also has other social media handles to his popularity. His Instagram account holds a whole bunch of over 400K+ followers to the time. His Twitter handle is more popular with a staggering 790K+ followers till today. Adam Montoya is not so active on his Instagram account at all, since he made only 30-40 posts. But he regularly posts over 4-5 tweets on Twitter, which is pretty much more than any other streamer in the world. This active interaction made him highly popular and also gave him a little subscriber boost to his YouTube channel. 

Adam Montoya’s Personal life

For the time, he is not single. He is in a sweet relationship with a girl named Cathy Diep. The two have to date for over 10 years and made their relationship public only a long time after she started appearing in one of his videos. Like Adam Montoya, Cathy is also a YouTube gamer and she also has her channel titled, her “Cathy Diep”. She even invites Adam Montoya to her channel as a guest. Adam Montoya and Cathy Diep might not be seen on the YouTube Platform too much. But they are seen together for most of the time in their Instagram handles mostly. The couple is spending a good time together, as both of them seem to care about one another.  

Adam Montoya’s controversies

Adam Montoya is focusing strongly on his career to make a visible and fluent income out of it. He never has indulged himself in any kind of controversies or any false rumors to kill his reputation completely. Adam always has maintained a clean image out of him and so far did not get into any social troubles at all.

Adam Montoya’s Net Worth

Provided he is not the most popular gamer and streamer on all platforms, Adam Montoya pretty much was back in the days. He has earned a lot of wealth somehow from all of his social media handles just like that. His YouTube channel has over 5M+ subscribers and the daily content views range under 500K+ regularly. This is enough to lend him thousands of dollars for years. Aside, Adam Montoya’s net worth is 4M Dollars, or a little over 4M dollars to the current stats count. Adam Montoya also has successful Instagram and Twitter handles, from where he also gets a good portion of the money. His worth is said to be increasing in the coming end of the year by 100K dollars, due to better content appreciation from his audience. 

 This is all about the popular streamer and YouTube star Adam Montoya that you should know. 

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