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Despite being one of the most popular YouTube personalities on the platform, Adam LZ is just a simple and humble man. To his fame, he is a popular YouTube star with the channel “Adam LZ” and also a BMX rider. With the BMX videos that he posts on his channel on how to get skills up on a BMX bike. He gained intense fame and recognition with his YouTube channel that has got over 742 Million views of his content. 

Well, let us get to a bit more about Adam LZ and his unique lifestyle. 

Adam LZ’s Early Life

Adam LZ was born on 5th May, in the year 1995. His birthplace is Woodbury, Connecticut which is believed to be mostly a farmer town. His full name is not just Adam LZ, but Adam Lizotte-Zeisler. He has his parents living with him. Although, there is no exact information about his parents like their names, data, where they live, and what they do exactly. All such information will be updated on the website as soon as possible. Aside, Adam LZ has mostly featured his mother on a couple of his videos. One video was where he supercharged his mother’s car and made it almost a race car, to which his mother freaked out. Further information will be updated on the website as soon as we get our hands on it. 

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Adam LZ’s Educational Life

With his age to be rolling on the number of 25 years, he already has completed his primary school education from a common High school. Adam for his higher studies got into learning about business. He admitted himself to the University of Central Florida to study in the field of Business Management and Entrepreneurship. However, his studies went pretty good and there is not much available regarding what happened after that or what he did. Despite this, he also owns a good business in his town. All further information about his education will be updated on the website as soon as possible. 

Adam LZ’s YouTube channel

Adam LZ gained huge and widespread acclaim with his YouTube channel when he just started out making content. His channel is named “Adam LZ” with his name, as over 3.18M subscribers base. All of his content till now has received over 750M+ views, which made him quite wealthy. 

His first video was “How to Bunny Hop Barspin BMX” which got over 815K+ views to date and over 8 years. His second video was “Adam LZ Sings”. The most popular video on the channel is the video titled,” Turbo’d my Mom’s Car – Her Reaction Was Priceless!” which has garnered over 14M+ views in a short time. It was when Adam LZ installed the Turbo on his mother’s car. 

Adam LZ’s BMX skills

He is a professional BMX rider and also a car enthusiast. For BMX content, he posts almost all kinds of videos mostly to-do content, how-to content, and tutorials on doing simple but safe stunts. Adam LZ also won the Season 2 Texas Motor Speedway RCDRL race Day and it made him gain great confidence in his career.  

Adam LZ’s social media handles

Adam LZ is a popular YouTube personality and he is insanely popular on all of his social media handles. He is present on all the platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his main earning platform, YouTube.

On Instagram, he currently has over 1.2M followers which also is his fan base. He regularly posts photos, videos, and other kinds of content. His Facebook page has over 600K+ followers and his Twitter handles already surpassed 180K+ followers too. Adam Lz is highly active on his social media handles and almost all of his accounts have over 1000 videos, photos, and posts individually. 

Adam LZ’s personal life

For a long time, Adam Lz has stayed single. He does not seem to be in any relationship at all. However, the guy has married 3 years ago to Nicole Frye. But sadly, his marriage ended within just 2 years of staying together and finally with a divorce in 2018. Adam Lz seems to be pretty happy being single for now. However, he might just be able to win someone over with his cool smile and attitude.  

Adam LZ’s controversies

For most of the time, Adam Lz has maintained his image quickly and clean. He never has indulged in any kind of false rumors or controversies that could have been harmed his fame. Adam Lz broke up with his wife after two years of marriage on a sudden note. It was his only controversy that he got involved in. His marriage came to end as known for affair issues and pregnancies, and other similar matters. There were also some rumors of him being into an affair, but nothing was disclosed at all. At last, they talked out within themselves and requested their fans not to ask anything to them as both Adam Lz and Nicole Frye ended their marriage. Aside, he has kept his image quite clean and maintained it very well.

Adam LZ’s net worth

Adam Lz has the insane wealth to himself. And his net worth is estimated to be around 2.5M Dollars, which is an insane number to go for. Almost all of his earnings come from his social media handles including Facebook, Instagram, and mostly from YouTube. m Adam Lz YouTube Channel generates an approx. 900K views in a single day with all of his videos combined that to date. Then comes his Instagram account, which has over 1.2M followers and generates a part of his wealth. He also has a large fan base on his Twitter handle with over 170K+ followers. Even his Facebook page even has 600K+ followers to date. Adam LZ’s worth might increase by 100K within the next year. It is due to his high earnings and revenue generated from all of his social media handles. 

This is all about Adam Lz that you should know.

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