Adam G. Sevani Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Among all prominent actors in the entertainment industry, Adam G. Sevani is both an actor as well a dancer. He is an incredible dancer that got him into the entertainment industry much easier. Adam is also known for his works in the Step up Film series, and he appeared in all of them. The character of Robert Alexander III or commonly known as Moose is portrayed by Adam in the movie. For other aspects, Adam works as a dance choreographer and he shared his talents already in some of his social media accounts. 

Let us learn about Adam G. Sevani more from down below and his works in the entertainment industry. 

Adam G. Sevani’s Early life

To this day, Adam is over 29 years of age. He was born on June 29th, in the year 1992 in the region of Los Angeles, located in the US. His real name is Adam Manucharian. While born in the US, his nationality, as well as born culture, is of American origin. Aside, his father’s name is Gagik Sevani-Manucharian and his mother’s name is Edita Manucharian. Despite his US origin, his ethnicity ranges from just one nation and Adam is American-Italian. He also has an elder brother whose name is Vahe Sevani. Adam was also a part of the choreography event for which his brother worked onboard on the Boy Band NLT. Adam G. Sevani started his dancing talent when he was just 3 years old when his fresh talent got the attention of his father. Further information about his family will be updated on the website as soon as possible. 

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Adam G. Sevani’s Educational Life

Not much is available from Adam G. Sevani’s Educational life. But it is prominent from his age and his accent of talk, he has completed his primary education from a common town school. He attended the Synthesis Dance Center to learn dancing to the best. Adam’s parents also founded a typical dance studio where Adam used to do most of his practice. Apart, He may or may not have enrolled in a nearby college to complete his education. Adam may not have joined the college at all due to his on-time dedication to acting and dancing. 

Adam G. Sevani’s Professional life

Adam is a professional dancer as well as a choreographer and even an actor. He nailed the role of Moose or Robert Alexander III in the movie series “Step Up”. With his on part acting skills, he also has worked in other TV shows and movies like The First Time, Superbad, Wonder Park, The Emperor’s Club, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and a lot of other films too. Like his father, Adam is also a choreographer in the professional field. He also acted in other films like with popular Miley Cyrus with “LOL”, “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2010, and Step-up Series. With his professional dance steps, he was particularly praised by “The New York Times” to be the badest nerd in the movie series, “Step UP”. Likewise, he went on to gain more and more praise for his performance in the movie. 

Adam G. Sevani’s Personal life

For the time being, Adam G. Sevani is single in his personal life. He doesn’t seem to have any attraction towards any of the other girls or women that he finds attractive at all. Aside, there is no such information on any of his social media handles of him in a relationship. Earlier, he had been into many beautiful actresses like Paige Ann Throne, Montana Tucker, and also with the insanely popular actresses Miley Cyrus. But all of the relationships did not last long other than with Cyrus, with who he was into a relationship for 2 years at par. But the two parted quickly soon without any probable reason that is not yet out in the social limelight at all. From that point, Adam G. Sevani has been single for most of the time and has given more importance to his career. 

Adam G. Sevani’s controversies

Adam has focused mostly on his skills and career points to emerge out as a better dancer for most of the time. He did not indulge himself in any kind of false rumors or controversies at all. Adam stays dedicated for most of the time in his dancing choreography for better performance with his artistic dance moves. Thus, he has maintained himself completely clean and did not tail into controversies at all from any angle at all. He also does not seem to have any kind of affairs with any of his coworkers either. 

Adam G. Sevani’s social media handles

Adam G. Sevani is insanely popular on his Instagram account with close to 1M followers soon. His duet music dance video with Larsen Thompson titled “Hope You Do | Chris Brown | Adam Sevani & Larsen Thompson” went insanely popular on Instagram. The video has over 1.4M+ likes and 6.4M+ views on YouTube. Other than that, he has a Twitter account for which he hasn’t posted for a long time now. He has over 24K+ followers on the account too. Adam G. Sevani has a tiny part of his income coming from his Instagram handle due to his larger than large fan base. 

Adam G. Sevani’s net worth

Adam had a good career in his adult life. He has acted in all of the step-up films and from them and he has earned a good deal of money from the projects. He doesn’t have any other sources of income rather than choreography and his light acting career. Adam is also pretty famous on social media accounts, popularly Instagram, and may have earned a bit of wealth from there too. Thus, his net worth is about 1.5M dollars from all his income from the movies and dance choreography. Adam G. Sevani also involves himself in a lot of other projects that include dancing too. 

This is all about Adam G. Sevani that you need to know about his career in acting and dancing.

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