Adam Driver Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

If you don’t know Adam Driver at all, you would have been mistaken your whole life. He is one of the most coolest and dedicated actors in the entertainment industry, despite being a renowned Army man. He is also the founder of the Arts in the Armed Forces. As an actor, Adam Driver also has a great track record and has worked in a series of world-famous films and even plays. 

Well, let us get to know more about Adam Driver and his incredible life. 

Adam Driver’s Early Life

He was born on November 19th, in the 1980s, specifically in 1983. Till now, he is just 38 years old and has achieved a lot of things in his life that most talented aren’t able to do so. Adam Driver’s full real name is Adam Douglas Driver. His father’s name is Joe Douglas Driver and his mother’s name is Nancy Wright. Adam Driver has his origin in the usual culture of Dutch, English, Scottish, Irish, and also even German. He belongs to a wide variety of cultures which also proves his rich ancestry like anyone else in the world. He has an older sister and had spent his entire childhood with her. Since he moved in with her and his mother in Indiana, he also has a stepfather whose name is Rodney G. 

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Adam Driver’s Educational Life

Adam has a bit unclear educational background. Since he was in the army for a good time, he does have some quality education. He finished his graduation in Indiana from the school named, Mishawaka High School in 2001, 20 years ago. Like his stepfather who worked as a minister in the Baptist church, Adam also grew up to be a Baptist in his young days. He even sang in the choir at his father’s church despite the work.

He has also worked as a salesman and sold vacuum cleaners. He even got rejected from the Julliard School of drama. 

Adam Driver’s Army Life

Adam had no choice for a carrier in life when he didn’t get admitted for studying in drama. He then got selected for the Marine Corps in the US and was assigned to 1st Battalion, 1st Marines as an 81mm mortarman. 

This was his first profession serving the country. Adam was in the army for almost 3 years with a good service record. Sadly, he had to discontinue as once, he broke his sternum while riding a bike onto the mountains. The Doctors discharged him after was ready to serve again. 

He also got promoted to the position of Lance Corporal at that time.  

Adam Driver’s Acting life

Adam tried reappearing for selection into the Julliard School and succeeded. He worked in the Drama Division’s Group for 4 years and graduated in the field of Bachelor of Arts in 2009. He made his career change by acting in “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” in the year 2010. Then he worked in “Man and Boy”,” Girls” for which he got great recognition for his acting skills. Working in Girls, he quickly took down three nominations for the Primetime Emmy all for himself only. Adam Driver then acted in movies including, “J. Edgar”, “Lincoln and Frances Ha”, “Silence”, “Hungry Hearts”, “This Is Where I Leave You”. Adam won the Volpi Cup for his incredible role in Hungry Hearts movie, where he the lead performer and that too, in a lead role. He also got a Best Actor nomination for his role in the Play, “Burn This”. 

Adam Driver’s Star Wars journey

He nailed the role of Ben Solo or as he is known by the name of Kylo Ben, in all the three movies of Star Wars. 

Adam Driver’s Social Media handles

Adam doesn’t like to be on social media at all. He still doesn’t have any kind of social media handles at all, not even on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platforms although his diehard fans have made a lot of Facebook pages and Instagram profiles to give social recognition.

Adam Driver’s personal life

For the time being, he is married to the love of his life, Joanne Tucker. She tied the knot with Adam for the rest of her life on the auspicious day, June 22nd, in the year 2013. Despite his extreme popularity, he has kept the news of him having a son discrete. He did not leak the news into the social limelight at all. Adam Driver also has a cute and adorable dog in his family. The couple has only one son and currently, lives in New York City.

There is no way both of them are going their separate ways at all. Both Adam and Joanne love each other like anything and have maintained their marriage like absolute professionals. 

Adam Driver’s controversies

For the time being, Adam has maintained a strong reputation to his side and did not tail himself to any kind of controversy at all. He is a straight-up strong man who believes in the right thing and has never done anything in his life to hurt his good image. Likewise, he has kept himself clean and maintained his good reputation all his way until now.

Adam Driver’s Net Worth

Working in the army field and then joining the entertainment industry, Adam Driver had a great track record for himself. Aside, he is one of the few actors to have a soldier background. Leaving all of that into the paper, Adam Driver has earned sufficient wealth in his later years. And to this time, his net worth is around 10M dollars and is said to increase to a good extent. Adam is also followed up by a lot of incoming projects on his path. Thus, this only points to the fact that he may get a good increase in his wealth any time soon. 

This is all you need to know about the popular and brilliant actor, Adam Driver. 

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