Adam Brice Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

You may have heard about the famous YouTube personality Adam Brice, but you may not know what he does actually. He is a content creator on the platform and uploads videos mainly of almost different technical things. Not devices exactly, but his content relates to things like Spiderman blasters, making blasters, guns, and specifically with NERF GUNS. Aside, his content is also sarcastic to a good sense and reaches a pretty good audience at the time. 

Let us know more about this unique and cool person Adam Brice. 

Adam Brice’s Early Life

Adam grew up in the streets of Canada after he was born on November 10th, in the year 1999. If you want to know about his star sign, he belongs to the sign Scorpio. For once, Adam Brice has shown his father on one of his channel videos and that’s all. He has pretty much a discrete life and he has done everything in his power to keep it that way from them both on his Instagram and his YouTube channels. Aside, there is no proper information available about his family life at all. Although, it can be estimated pretty good that he had a good childhood life. 

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Adam Brice’s Educational Life

Not much is available on Adam Brice’s educational life. Although he is 20 years old to the top, he may have already completed his primary or high school education for the time. With Adam’s accent and his behavior on his YouTube videos, he seems to have good education and upbringing in his childhood. For now, he may have joined a typical college or any other university for his bachelor’s education. No Further information about his educational life is available at this time. It will be updated on the website as soon as possible.

Adam Brice’s YouTube career

Our guy here can be addressed as a NERF NERD. Since Adam Brice does all of his content with nerf guns, including disassembling and building his guns too. On his channel that goes by the name, “NerfBoyProductions”, he uploads all kinds of videos with nerf guns, reviews, unboxing, mods, guides, blaster toys, and all other types of related toys that he finds cool to use. 

Adam Brice’s Rise to fame

For the time, has over 900K+ subscribers to his base, shredding good content with NERG guns and other kinds of content. His first channel goes by the name, “NerfBoyProductions” which is his official channel. Currently, it has over 691K subscribers to its side, and a great positive reception to his NERF Videos. He also has a second channel under his command with his name, “Adam Brice” which also has over 200K+ or 226K subscribers. The channel also uploads relevant videos to what his first channel does, but this is Adam Brice’s channel that contains daily life videos. On chis channel, his first video was titled “My Giant NERF Arsenal” which has over 1.2M views. The most popular videos on his channel are “Nerf War: Wounded Warrior” which has got over 8.3M+ views and 26,000+ likes. In this video, he goes completely insane with the NERF guns and starts out war in his backyard. 

Adam Brice’s social media handles

Although he is available on all of the social media platforms to his reach, he is not so active on his accounts at all. He has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others too. He has two channels on YouTube, one with his name too, “Adam Brice” with 226K subscribers and 690K+ subscribers on his NerfBoyProductions channel. He also has 15K+ followers on his Instagram handle. Adam posts photos and videos on most of his usual content on Instagram, if you want to have a look.  

Adam Brice’s personal life

Being a YouTube personality, he has great chances to be in relationships. But that is not entirely true for Adam Brice at all. Adam might be a bit discrete about his family life as he is not so active on his social media at all. But for once, he shared a video to his YouTube channel where he made one clip with his Girlfriend. Her name is Jemma and that’s all is known for the time now. But then, most of his videos started to feature her, soon as they went to Florida. The couple traveled to Florida to get away from Canada’s winter season and make some good content in the time. He might just as well hate winter too. Together, Adam and Jemma made a lot of videos, in 2018. Now, a few videos only feature Jemma due to no reasons at all. Aside, he had no other relationship at all from his side with other girls at all. 

Adam Brice’s controversies

Adam Brice is a well popular personality on the YouTube social platform. But there is no news of him getting into any kind of controversial acts at all. Nor he has any kind of rumor to himself that has pulled his reputation into the bad grounds. Adam has dedicated himself to the world of NERF Guns and for the time, he is currently focusing on making quality videos for his fans. Thus, he has managed to keep himself clean and his image away from any kind of social trouble at all. 

Adam Brice’s Net Worth

Adam has not just one, but two YouTube channels to his name. And despite his quality management on both sides, the two channels are quite popular with a league of their own. In total, he has over 500K unique subscribers to his base. Adam Brice has his only source of earning through his YouTube channels. And with his 2 channels on his side, his earnings to date are a little over 50K-60K Dollars. Adam’s channels are growing a lot and his worth may seem an increase after a year. 

This is all about Adam Brice that you need to know.

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