Abraham Quintanilla Jr Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. is a brilliant songwriter and producer in the 2000s. He is also famous for his daughter, Selena Quintanilla who died a tragic death when she was just 23 years old. Selena was a Tejano singer all by herself. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. is also pretty famous for building the core of the Selena Foundation. He even produced and helped in the production of her daughter Selene’s biography, “Selena: The Movie” that got released in 1997. 

Well, let us learn a lot more about Abraham Quintanilla Jr. from down below.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and his Early Life

He was born on February 20th, in the year 1939. Provided his date of birth, Abraham Quintanilla Jr. is almost 82 years old, for which he is also one of the oldest songwriters among the noted professionals. He was born in Texas. His father’s name was Abraham Gonzalez Quintanilla Sr. and his mother’s name was Maria Tereza Calderon. Abraham was born in a poor family and his family’s main earning was dependent on gleaning vegetables, fruits, cotton. His father then changed his profession to repairman to take care of his family. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. has 5 other brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, there is no form of information available currently about them. The data would be updated on the website as soon as possible.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Education

Due to the family’s poverty and bad financial conditions, he went to a usual normal school in his city. He developed a strong passion for music. He even wanted to test his vocal strengths by a lot of means. He was urged to leave school and join a musical school. But his parents didn’t give a good invite to his choices either. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. eventually left school and started training his vocals to the very best. 

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Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Career with songs

Abraham was fond of his musical talent right from childhood. In1957, he fulfilled his dreams of acing the position of a talented professional singer. He approached a band that lost a vocalist and he joined the group as a vocal artist. The name of the band is “Los Dinos”. “So Hard To Tell” was the first song released by the band. It was one of the most popular songs that were playing on the radio station for a long time. The band got an immense increase in popularity after then. It released a lot of songs one after the other that won away from the hearts of the public too. 

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. left from the Los Dinos

The band got into racial discrimination issues from the audience. Further Abraham Quintanilla Jr. had to join the army and got himself out of the band for 2 years straight. Aside, the bad also was out of music for the same time. After Abraham Quintanilla Jr. returns from the war in 1963, he joined the band immediately. He brought new areas for focusing mainly on American Pop, Rock music. The band had to fall into another issue of quality shaming as they did not know any Spanish-Mexican songs either. It was then their first song named “Con Esta Copa” that meant “Win This Cup”, which brought out a lot of popularity for the brand. Apart from the band, Abraham Quintanilla Jr. also worked in the Dow Chemical for a full salary, after he left the band at last. He now is busy with his production projects and foundation works. 

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Career with production

After the band got a few clicks on its path, it suffered huge competition and Abraham Quintanilla Jr. left eventually for his family. The other members also left ultimately. His career in production only started when his daughter was killed in a brutal incident. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. then became aware of the fact of producing a biography of his daughter to remark the memory. He first produced his daughter’s film, “Selena: The Movie” and also produced a single series with the same name. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. also built a foundation named “Selena Foundation” that provides usual and financial help for needy children. 

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Personal life

The love interest of Abraham Quintanilla Jr. was his wife, Marcella Samora. He met her when he was working in the military and the couple tied the knot quite after in 1963. They got married at the time when Abraham Quintanilla Jr. returned from the military after 2 years of work. 

He had three children with Samora, Abraham Quintanilla III, Selena Quintanilla and Suzette Michelle Quintanilla, who was born in 1967. In a tragic incident, Abraham Quintanilla Jr. lost his elder daughter Selena Quintanilla. She was murdered by her club manager named Yolanda Saldivar. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. quite then tried to live a happy life as much as possible. He spent more and more time with his family to give them the best he can.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. controversies

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. did not get himself involved in any kind of controversies during his career time. He wasn’t a man of social personality either unless he got himself discovered. For a time, Abraham also doesn’t have any kind of social media handles either. 

Thus, he did his best to maintain a clean image of himself and never invited any false information or rumors towards himself.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Net Worth

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. is a real provider and the founder of the Selena Foundation. And if he is managing all of that, he should have a good income source for himself. Quite surprisingly, Abraham is a noted songwriter and now he is a producer. Abraham Quintanilla’s net worth is said to be around 10M Dollars with all of his earnings and estates all combined up. Aside, he also has other sources of income for himself, including producing, songwriting for movies, and other jobs. Abraham Quintanilla Jr. is also said to have increased his worth by one or two million in the coming years. 

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