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There aren’t many vlogger moms out there on the social media platform. And if you can find one, Abigail Aguilar is one of the most prominent YouTube content creators on the platform. She has a pretty good count of subscribers, unlike other channels that race and compete with others. Abigail usually uploads content of her lifestyle, home tips, and other kinds of related content. Without further waiting, let us start to know a little more about this cool mom vlogger. 

Abigail Aguilar’s Early Life

Abigail was born on July 21st, in the year 1994, in the United States of America. She was born to an American couple, but sadly, no information about her parents is available now. If you want to know, she belongs to the star sign Cancer and if you belong to the same star, that is incredible.

Her family background is pretty unclear but she has two sisters, whose names are Miri Baca and Emi Baca. Although Abigail belongs to the Aguilar family too, her real title is Baca. The latter title is due to the reason, that she is already married. She seems to have been well brought up in terms of culture and behavior, which is well reflected in her behavior in her social media. Further information about Abigail Aguilar will be updated on the website as soon as possible. 

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Abigail Aguilar’s Educational Life

Like her family, much is not available from her educational background too. Abigail now is over 26 years old. So, she has already completed her primary education and may also have completed her college life. Given her accent on her videos, Abigail seems to be very well educated. There is no other kind of information available for Abigail’s Educational Life and the same will be updated soon. 

Abigail Aguilar’s YouTube Life

Abigail started her YouTube channel a long time ago. She initially started with video songs sung by her. But she posted just two of them on her channel. The first video was titled “Safe and sound-Taylor swift cover Abigail Aragon”. Following that, her third video was the beginning of her family content that got her popular over the years. The video was titled, “I’m having a baby?/ mommy to be tag!” that did not receive so many views either. Since then, she has posted a lot of content about her family. With time, she gave birth to two of her daughters due to which her content became more and more adorable. 

Her best-viewed video is the “PREPARING FOR BABY’S ARRIVAL!”. It got over 7.2M+ views on the line in just 2 years. Her channel’s second most viewed video is the “SPRING MORNING ROUTINE 2017- MOM EDITION” that was too good for the audience. With that, she became easily acquainted with her content and started to post more about her family, lifestyles. She even included one or two of her daughters in almost every one of her videos for the audience.

Abigail Aguilar’s Social Media Life

Abigail Aguilar has a lot of social media handles to herself. The most popular among them is one and only YouTube. She spends almost all her time creating content, that has quality as well as unique to other videos. 

She is also a popular social media personality found around other platforms, including Instagram and Twitter, where she has thousands of followers. On Instagram, she posts photos, videos of her daily life, her husband, kids, and others stuff. She has over 40K+ followers on Instagram and a near to 2000 on Twitter. 

Abigail Aguilar’s Personal Life

Abigail Aguilar as her title mentions is married to a US Army guy and his name is Luis Aguilar. The two got married a long time ago and currently have 2 daughters. Their names are Amelie Aguilar and the other one is Kamilah Aguilar. Abigail was pregnant with their third child, which by the way is a boy for the first time in their family. She gave birth to her beautiful and adorable son in the year 2020, on April 18th. 

Abigail spends a lot of time on her vlogs that she posts on YouTube. She features Luis in most of the videos at most times. Aside, Abigail also spends quality time with her husband, and their love for each other is also depicted on her Instagram handle. For the time, both of them are having a great life. And there is no way Abigail and Luis are getting a divorce at all. There is not even the slightest of the chance.  

Abigail Aguilar’s Controversies

Abigail has done her best to maintain a clean image of herself on social media. She in all aspects is a popular social media personality with her own YouTube channel and with a great fan base too. 

Aside, Abigail never got herself into social trouble at all. She has done her best to keep herself clean and dedicate her work to the channel as best as possible. She also is currently not indulged in any kind of controversies or rumors either. Abigail Aguilar also never harmed her or her husband’s life either, who is also a well-respected man. And there is no way they will even ever get separated. 

Abigail Aguilar’s Net Worth 

Abigail never posted anything about her net worth which shows that she likes to keep things discrete. Aside, she is married to a person who also has a very good career by himself. Abigail has a pretty good successful life on YouTube. Her channel is not the best growing channel on the platform, nor does she have millions of subscribers either. But it is holding up its league, given her quality of content that is available. With all that, Abigail Aguilar has a net worth of around 1M Dollars to 5M Dollars to the close round. Abigail Aguilar also saw a good rise in her subscriber base recently. This show’s that her worth will be more in the coming days. This is all that you wanted to know about popular mommy Abigail Aguilar. 

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