Abby Howard Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Not just a TikTok star who has gained a lot of fame through the years, Abby Howard is also a popular social media personality. Her account on TikTok is a collaborative account between Abby and her husband, Matt both post regular content on Tiktok. Abby Howard got famous for her content along with Matt, which ranges from Typical Dance videos and comedy content too. Abby also has her own YouTube channel in which she posts her off-time content when she is not on TikTok. 

Well, let us get to know more about Abby Howard down below. 

Abby Howard’s Early life

She was born on the first day of December 1998 in America. If you want to know, she belongs to the star Sagittarius and if you are the same too, that’s great. She was born to an American couple. Abby also has a brother who appears on most of her Instagram videos and photos. 

Abby Howard doesn’t like to share information about her parents or family on social media. She hasn’t yet posted or uploaded anything with her family. Neither any kind of content on TikTok nor other social media is available that features her parents specifically. However, a couple of photos are available on Instagram without any prior description/caption about their origins or names. You can give a visit to her Instagram id @abbyelizabethhoward and get a gist of her daily life.  Further information about her parents will be uploaded on the site as soon as possible. 

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Abby Howard’s Educational Life

Despite her age, Abby should be in college for the time being. She has attended unknown high schools and till now, she has already finished her education probably. Nothing about her education life is currently available and will be updated as soon as possible. There is also no form of evidence to support that she may have dropped out of school to dedicate herself completely to content creation on TikTok and YouTube.

Abby Howard’s Social Media Life

Abby has become highly popular for her TikTok account where she first started posting dance videos. Apart from that, she also has her own YouTube channel titled the same as her name. The channel has over 10K+ subscribers. Abby and her Husband have their collaborative channel, titled “Matt & Abby” which is their main channel. Both Abby and Matt post hilarious content on it, including daily life videos and some of the popular TikTok content too. 

Abby Howard and Matt Howard’s YouTube channel

Over 3 months, their YouTube channel has gained over 80M videos just by three videos. The most popular video is titled, “Completely ignoring my wife to see how she reacts”. It has garnered over insane 44M+ views in just 3 weeks, which is one fastest view count milestones for a YouTube video. Another set of popular videos that gets 18M+ views each, titled, “We’re having a baby?? #shorts”, and Telling my wife “my girlfriend’s coming you need to hide” #shorts. Both of the videos are from their TikTok accounts. Abby is also quite popular on Instagram due to her YouTube and TikTok content. She has over 211K+fans following her social media account. She normally posts photos and small videos from her recent travels, family photos, and time spent with her husband. Apart from content appreciation, much of their income comes from their YouTube channel. Some of her content has gotten viral including the video titled, “Completely ignoring my wife to see how she reacts”. 

Abby Howard’s TikTok life

Abby has her TikTok account named the same as YouTube channel, “matt_and_abby” which is also the same account, in which her husband also posts videos. For most of the time, she posts videos of Storyline, Lip-sync, comedy, and other times, fashion and lifestyle content. 

Abby has an insane number of fans on TikTok. She currently resides among the most popular TikTok stars and social media personalities with over 2M+ fans following her account. For a record, she has over 90M+ Likes total on all of her account videos. Abby Howard is also among the best content creators on the platform and she usually receives great appreciation from her fans too. Abby also stands among the popular and hilarious content creators on the platform. A part of her content is also available on all of her social media handles particularly Instagram, Facebook too, while uploading them to YouTube at some time. Abby Howard also made a double video with another popular star Charli D’Amelio in 2020 as her first collaboration with another TikTok star.  

Abby Howard’s Personal Life

When Abby Howard was in college, she met Howard and after dating for some time, they got into a relationship. Both Abby and Howard got married right after a very short time with their relationship. The marriage was done also in their college year, in 2019 right out of peer surprise. Aside, Abby and Matt get a lot of encouragement and well wishes from their fans on their social media handle to a great extent. Abby features Howard for most of the time in her TikTok content as well as comedy videos.

Abby Howard’s Controversies

Abby has managed to not indulge in any kind of rumors or controversies in her career time. She has a pretty great fan base on her side, both on TikTok and Instagram. And this makes up a good public image of her.  Also, Abby Howard did not get divorced from her husband either. This shows that Abby managed her life very well and did not get into social troubles either.

Abby Howard’s Net Worth

Abby’s exact net worth isn’t known publicly yet. This is for a variety of reasons since she doesn’t have any professional-grade earnings yet. The collaborative channel with her husband has gained pretty great subscribers up to 424K and she has over 2M+ followers on her TikTok account. Totally out of her earnings, she might just be rich by 50-60K Dollars on her own, which is her probable net worth. 

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