Abby Franke Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Do you wonder how a daily vlog YouTube channel might get immensely popular with time? Well, Abby Franke belongs to one such adorable family and they are one of the best out there. Her Family makes usual videos from their daily life and spends a lot of time on social media too. On YouTube, Abby’s Family has their channel named 8 Passengers, which denotes her six brothers and sisters too. 

Well, let us know a bit more about Abby Franke from down below. 

Abby Franke’s Early Life

Abby was born in the year 2007, on April 14th to an American couple. She belongs to the star sign Aries and if you also belong to the same star, that’s incredible. She has very cool parents of which her father’s name is Kevin Franke and her sweet mother’s name is Ruby Franke. 

Abby has a pretty big family of six siblings out of which two of them are elder than her. They are Shari Franke and Chad Franke. And she has two younger sisters one of them is the youngest. They are Julie Franke, Russell Franke, and Eve Franke.  Abby Franke belongs to a Christian background just like her parents. That’s all for the pretty one big happy family that spends their time in a cool way. 

Abby Franke’s Educational Life

Abby is just 14 years old at this time. Well, that means she is just in her middle school completing her primary education for the time being. There is no specific information about the family’s Educational background either. 

Abby has plans for her higher education locations, but there is no exact evidence for that. Though she belongs to a good background family, she might apply for higher education sometime or later. There is also no specific information available about her education plans from her social media handles too. 

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Abby Franke’s Social Media handles

For the time being, Abby Franke isn’t on any kind of social media at all. She usually keeps herself busy most of the time, maybe in her studies or doing things she likes. Abby appears mostly on the Instagram channel of her family, which is 8passengers same as her family’s YouTube channel name. Among all her brother and sisters, she is the least involved and featured on the channel at all. She features herself in some of the YouTube channel videos, but least of all. This might aim to the fact that she is not so forward into social media and likes to spend time with her family more on discrete. 

Abby Franke’s YouTube channel

Abby Franke does not have a YouTube channel yet on her name, but she presents herself with her mother and sisters on the 8passengers channel. The channel has seen massive growth and is one of the most popular family channels on the YouTube platform. It has over 2.4M subscribers and features over 1400 videos to date.  Abby Franke doesn’t have any plans or intentions to open up her channel. Her siblings also have their own YouTube channels in which she appears once or twice a week. She will open her channel but there is no information on when or if she will even do it.

8Passengers’ First and popular videos

The first video was when Eve Franke was born. The video was titled, “The Making of Eve” in which Chad Franke, her elder brother was holding Eve. The video became very popular over the years and it has got over 2M views. The second video was off Ruby herself aka Abby’s mother tasting Sushi for the first time in her life. The most popular video is titled, “SO Am I Sick?” which features Russel and her sister checking for fever. Yep, they got it. The video had gathered over 22M views in 6 years which was a massive hit for the channel. The 8passengers channel uploads three to four videos in a single week. And Abby Franke features in one of those for once. Her last video which she featured was titled, “Butterfly Whisperer” which got 72,000+ views in a single day. 

Abby Franke’s personal life

Franke is just 14 years of age. She is yet to do all of the things in her life that also include finding a partner for herself. But that is a very far concept for her. She is just experiencing her life and trying to learn from it.  Apart, she isn’t in any kind of relationship at all. She may or may not be interested in these pieces of stuff at all. She is also very adorable looking and will manage to date someone when she thinks she is ready. 

Abby Franke’s Controversies

Abby Franke hasn’t been in any kind of controversies at all. Neither her family has been into any rumors nor any related kind of matter.  The 8 Passengers family has always been clear of their records mostly available on the channel. The channel also has turned off their comments section to limit off any kind of negativity that is thrown towards them. And that’s a pretty clever thing to do. All the way, the family as well as Abby Franke have stayed very clear of any rumors and have maintained their cool image quite well. 

Abby Franke’s Net Worth

Although she is just 13 years old in her teen time, she doesn’t have any wealth to herself. Her Family or the 8 passenger team has been good after they have opened up their YouTube channel. And the family has earned good money too. But for Abby to get her wealth, she will have to be at least 18+ years. A lot of time is left for that to happen. Provided that, her wealth estimate would be around 50-60K Dollars given her inheritance from the family. Despite that, Abby may have her plans of earning by securing a good job or becoming a professional. 

This is all about Abby Franke that you should know.

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