Abbey Bankson Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

YouTube has become a great place for showing the talent of unknown people with their unusual talent. Well, Abbey Bankson stacks up well among them too. Abbey Bankson is a more known name among the best YouTube personalities out there. She has got huge acclaim for her content and due to its uniqueness among the most famous videos out there. She is also an Instagram personality with thousands of followers to her Instagram account.

Let us get to know a little more about Abbey Bankson down below.

Abbey Bankson’s Early life

Abbey Bankson was born on August 5th, in the year 2000 in the US. She was born to an American couple and her father’s name was Joe Bankson. Well, there isn’t any official information about her mother or her mother’s name, which is still under research. Abbey also has a brother whose name is Andrew Bankson and she has a sister too.

There isn’t anything much special available about her family background. Any information found about Abbey Bankson’s family will be updated on the website as soon as possible.  Abby before moving to her current place, was a descendent of Rochester, in Indiana.

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Abbey Bankson’s Educational life

Like her family, not much is known about her educational background too. Abbey is said to be educated well and despite her age, she may or may not be in college for now. She is pretty much focused on her carrier as a YouTuber and spends most of her time on social media too. There is no official information is available neither from her YouTube channel nor her social media handles yet.

Abbey Bankson’s Rise to Fame

Abbey Bankson has been in the world of social media for a long time and it started right with her YouTube channel. For quite a specific time, her channel got huge acclaim for her content on her channel. Her first video was titled, “SPENDING ALL MY MONEY FOR VIEWS” which has got a view count of over 50,000.

One of the most viewed videos is titled “MY BOYFRIEND CHEATED ON ME WITH MY BEST FRIEND”, which for the time being has got over 270,000 views. Apart from her videos not as popular as other YouTube channels at all, her channel has attracted over 350,000 subscribers over 2 years.

Abbey Bankson’s Quick Grown YouTube career

Abbey Bankson’s most viewed video if you wanted to know, is “the Realest School morning routine out there” which has over 2.3M views. Her second most viewed video is titled, “18 HOUR TOAD TRIP WITH MY FAM “stressful” that has over 1.6M views of the total. Abbey Bankson and her content vary to a lot of categories. She initially posts about common vlogs, mukbang, general lifestyle videos, family trip videos, trips along with her fams, and all other kinds of videos. Abbey Bankson did not get a good reception towards her content the first time. she had to make up a lot more videos for getting the right views. Although her struggle continued for a long time, for once she got a huge spike on her views just like that. Abbey Bankson is also quite popular among the other YouTube stars and has talked about them a lot.

For the time, Bankson is focusing on a lot of new content to create and experiment on her channel for her fans. Her latest video is titled, “doing everything ALONE for 24 hours” which got a good reception from her audience and has got over 10,000 views. She also made a recent video with her boyfriend Alex. So far, Abbey Bankson’s content has already touched the Million view count boundary, which reflects a good situation of her channel. Abbey Bankson also has a second channel with name titled “Abbey Bankson Vlogs” following her success on her current channel. This channel just like the first one has been getting good audience reception.

Abbey Bankson’s Social Media life

Abbey Bankson is highly popular on YouTube with her channels being on the positive side. She is also present on Instagram with her content gathering a lot of followers, an exact 56,000+ of them for the time being. She also posts periodic content on her Instagram media handle too and her fans support her completely. Apart from that, she is also present on Facebook and Twitter, with 124 and 2400 followers on the respective social medial handles.

Abbey Bankson’s Personal Life

Unlike other YouTube personalities on the platform, Abbey Bankson enjoys being on the short side of life. She is currently in a relationship for over a year with a guy named Alex Mohammed. They seemed to be getting along the time quite good and there is no way this couple is going to broke up at all.  She also features Alex on many of her Instagram videos and their ongoing life for most of the time. Abbey also has a cute dog and it also has a name, “Moosie”. Alex is

Abbey Bankson’s Controversies

Despite gaining a good amount of recognition from the past two years, Abbey Bankson hadn’t been involved in any kind of controversies at all. So, far she has handled herself well in front of social media quite well and did not get into any kind of social trouble at all. Also, her YouTube channel has got good appreciation from her fans and they support her on all occasions. Similarly, she hasn’t been involved with any other guys at all in the relationship matter either.

Abbey Bankson’s Net Worth

Abbey Bankson has a pretty simple social life and she spends a lot of time on her YouTube channel for her content and her fans too. Her official YouTube channel has gathered millions of views in a very short period of 2 years. Thus, totaling out her YouTube possible income with her other sources (if any), she currently has a net worth of over 60,000 Dollars. This is all you need to know about Abbey Bankson and her famous social life. 

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