Aaron Kyro Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Among other social media personalities, one of the most talented in sports is one and only Aaron Kyro. Due to his talents in skateboarding, which are admired by all of his fans, he has grown into a great internet sensation. Aaron uploads his highly entertaining content on typical social media platforms, specifically on his YouTube channel. Over time, the skateboard has become his great obsession and so has his expertise in the sport. Let us learn more about Aaron Kyro by reading ahead. 

Aaron Kyro’s Early Life

In the year 1983, on 10th September, Aaron Kyro was born in Denver, in the state of Colorado, United States. Although he was born in Denver, he spent his entire childhood in Red Lodge, Montana. Aaron Kyro isn’t a man of religious beliefs, he rather follows the path of Caucasian ideology, which means the path of science. This also helped him a lot in getting his talent built upright for his extreme passion for skateboarding. Apart from that, Aaron has kept his family life from the face of social media completely. With evidence from his social media handles, he has a possible brother that he once or twice had posted pictures.  

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Aaron Kyro’s Educational Life

Kyro’s educational background hasn’t been in the out yet, nor is it depicted in his social media handles too. From his age and his language from his channel content, we are pretty much sure he has gone to high school. He may or may not have gone to college, since by the time, he has built up his passion for skateboarding. We don’t have any exact evidence that Aaron Kyro had gone to any institute of education and we will update it as soon as possible. 

Aaron Kyro and his Skate Board

Aaron has his passion for skateboarding when he was just 10 years old. From that time, he has done a lot of skateboarding practices, all on his own. He even helped out some of his buddies to follow their passion for skateboarding sports. 

Aaron Kyro built his skate park

Aside from pro skateboarding, Aaron also builds small skateboards. He also built the first skateboard in his town all by himself. For once, he was offered a fund of 25,000 dollars using which he built his first town skate park. Before he got this money, he individually collected money from others to raise funds for the cause. Aaron Kyro built the skate park for his friends who were into skateboarding just like him. Finally, when he got the grant of 25 Grand, it made his dream come true to build his skate park just like he wanted it to be. 

Aaron Kyro’s Internet life

Aaron was a skateboarder for all his life and he wanted others to learn about it too. Currently, Kyro has a massively successful YouTube channel with over 5M subscribers and an Instagram account with over 650,000 followers. He also gets to earn some amount of his wealth from his Instagram account by the use of advertisements. Aaron Kyro also made his reach for real skate lovers and opened up his website to sell professional skateboards to buyers. The boards are designed from scratch and made in an enthusiastic way for new learners to encourage them well.

Aaron Kyro’s YouTube channel and massive success

Aaron Kyro created his first YouTube channel with the name, “Braille Skateboarding” in the year 2005 when YouTube was just starting.  In his channel, he records, creates, and uploads all kinds of tutorials of Skateboarding for his viewers to learn and practice and enjoy at the same time. Kyro is also an advanced pro skateboarder with 20 years of experience on raw fields and skate parks. On YouTube, his channel is one of the biggest skateboarding channels and has over 4,386 videos featuring his skateboard tutorials, vlogs, travels, and also other kinds of videos too. 

Aaron Kyro’s Skate Board shopping website

His YouTube channel wasn’t enough for Aaron Kyro, so he even created a website that also has the same name. The site hosts different kinds of skateboards from small to big, wide, long skateboards available for purchases. The boards are designed with class-leading perfection and polished with a sense of art, although they available at very affordable prices too. 

The site intensely became popular within a short period. It also became the only place for skateboarders and skate lovers to get their ultimate customized skateboards quickly. Apart from sales, it also educates buyers, passionate skate lovers with free tutorials, sponsorships too, a lot of events related to skateboarding occasions, and a learning tutorial called “Skateboarding made simple”. The course is also completely guided by the pro skater aka Aaron Kyro, who himself invested his time and skills. He also provided a lot of practice tips, techniques, and hacks. 

Aaron Kyro’s personal Life

As a great internet sensation and an aspiring skateboarder for a long time, Aaron Kyro has a calm and cool personal life. He has been married for over 10 years to Danielle, just after dating for a very small time. Aaron lives with his wife in California, in San Francisco. He met her in the Scientology classes of his course. After that, they both started spending time together and then tied the knot for life. 

Aaron Kyro’s controversies

Unlike internet personalities, Aaron Kyro has done his best to stay away from any kind of bad rumors and controversies. Until now, he has remained clean of any kind of reputation issues and has kept his personality good. 

Aaron Kyro’s Net Worth

Aaron Kyro has earned a lot from his YouTube channel, which currently is one of the most popular channels that feature skateboards. Totaling out his earnings from YouTube, His website, and other sources, Aaron Kyro’s Net Worth is around an insane 2 Million dollars at current. Well, he is well rich provided he has put his everything into skateboarding. That’s all about Aaron Kyro and his life of skateboarding that you need to know. 

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