Aaron Fuller Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Known both for his internet sensational fame and as a term actor, Aaron Fuller has been a great name among everyone in different backgrounds. Although there are many personalities under the same name, actor Aaron Fuller got special recognition due to his thousands of fans on the social platform. Aside, he also had a specific career shit and as a result, turned out to be only good for him. Let us learn more about Aaron Fuller from below.  

Aaron Fuller’s Early Life

Aaron Fuller was born on March 6th, in the year 2000. His birthplace was in Wichita Falls, in the state of Texas, US. He has not disclosed to his parents or their identity to him and in turn, he was adopted by his current parents. His biological mother’s name was Kim Fleming. His parents took care of him and gave him all kinds of happiness that he deserved. Aaron was fond of having siblings from childhood, unlike others. He wanted to have his biological brothers and sisters since he wanted to share his emotion, happiness, and feelings with someone of his own. For the time, Fuller finally got to meet his biological sister whose name is Lauren Ramos for the first time in 2016. He was very happy to see her and wanted this to happen right from his childhood. 

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Aaron Fuller’s Education

Having to go through a not-so-good childhood, Aaron Fuller also got into a lot of problems with school education. He was admitted into a private school which he left after a few years and got into a public school. He couldn’t continue his education as he was troubled with his classmates, got into depressing situations, and had to drop out ultimately. 

Fuller did not complete his education at all. He got leaned towards social media where he found some form of peace. Fuller got interested in music, theatres and wanted to work as an actor from his childhood. He was a great competition to others in school life aside and initially stood himself up for a permanent career in acting and modeling. Aside, he was criticized often for not finishing school. Among some sources, it was found out that Aaron Fuller wants to complete his left out studies now that he has been able to handle himself in bad conditions. 

Aaron Fuller Internet Life

Aaron found a solution to his depression on social media by indulging himself in social media and other platforms. He used the platform to express his emotions, fears, and happiness among people, who were just like him. This helped him to cope up with the world and be a better person. But in the other sense, he found a better life out of it. He started using Twitter in the year 2014 and got immensely popular, through his unique tweets. And this good thing also continued for him when he joined other social platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube. Currently, Aaron Fuller has over 80,000 followers on Twitter and over 320,000 followers on Instagram on the ID: @ AaronXFuller. 

Aaron Fuller’s Instagram Life

Despite his move from Twitter to Instagram, Aaron Fuller finally got out of his depression with the help of social media. He is utterly good looking and this managed to get him a lot of attraction, attention too. Fuller’s Instagram account attracted over 300,000 followers to his account, who not just followed him but also admired him on the other side. He also posted almost frequently on Twitter, photos, and videos on Instagram, from photos to videos likely. Aaron Fuller also joined YouNow and got there to be a popular broadcaster. He gained a lot of fans who also supported him deliberately. 

Aaron Fuller’s Youtube life

Fuller then moved to YouTube to further increase his fan base and share his talent among the world. Aaron Fuller created his own Youtube channel that has the same name as his own and till now, has gained about 138,000 subscribers as in 2021. Aaron did not upload a lot of videos, but he used the channel to further improve himself, which in the sense of popularity was going well. His first video was “Whats been goin’ on” which received over 50,000 views over 4 years. His second video was “Room Tour and my old Yearbook” which got almost double the views and his third video, “10 facts about me Tag” got 3 times the views than the first. His most viewed video is the one titled, “12 Hour Insane DragTransformation” which got over 547,000 views in just a single year. He also has appeared in collaborative videos, in his other channel named “Trash”. Fuller was admired by fellow YouTuber Jackson who immediately got into himself and thus made more collaborations with him. They even posted a lot of videos together and in the last video, they had their regional breakup, which also was posted on social media.  

Aaron Fuller’s personal life

Aaron Fuller for the time being is single. Although he has clarified himself to be gay, he has been into relationships with many of his partners. In the year 2018, He dated Imari Stuart who is also a YouTuber and ultimately broke up too. He was in a relationship with Jackson Krecioch and made it official on social media too. 

Aaron Fuller’s controversies

Fuller’s dive into positive fame did not force him into any kind of controversies either. He has maintained himself pretty much straight, although that he is gay, usual hatred did come his way. 

Aaron Fuller was also known for using Jackson for gaining popularity on different social media platforms, which was also their reason for the breakup. 

Aaron Fuller’s Net worth

Aaron’s social media handles thus have been great and he has earned good money from them. His YouTube channel has over 138,000 subscribers which are well popular. Despite all this, adding up all of his social media handles, his net worth is around 100,000 dollars to nearly 1M dollars. 

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