Aaron Doh Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

If you spend most of your time on the internet, probably you may have heard of Aaron Doh. He also spends time on the internet, but he is a larger sensation of himself. Aaron Doh got his talent and fame which started on Vine to thousands of followers and ended on TikTok due to the closedown of the app itself. But Doh never lost his followers at all who were scattered everywhere on the internet itself. 

Aaron Doh’s early life 

Doh was born on February 7th, in the year 1995 in Texas, Los Angeles, USA. He was born to a big family of brothers and sisters, including his popular sister whom he has starred and featured in a lot of his vine content. Doh was born in a pretty straight forward family and was brought up with homeschooling. 

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Aaron Doh’s Educational Life

For his entire childhood, Doh received all forms of education right in his home. In one sentence, he was just homeschooled so he didn’t go to any other primary or high school, unlike others. Aaron Doh also pursued higher education in some unspecified field and then completed the education too, in his home. Apart from other studies, he also received his Diploma in homeschooling. Further education information is not available and we will update it as soon as found.  

Aaron Doh’s Internet Life

Aaron Doh took to the online world and he started his journey from the former popular content creation platform, Vine. He also shared his content on other platforms including Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, where he got a lot of subs and followers to further expand his territory. With his popular content work being recognized by millions of people, he is quite an internet superstar. He has over 4M followers on TikTok, with a hovering 270M content appreciations. This is by far his utmost achievement, making him a star of the platform itself. His move from Vine to TikTok also made him new fans from the platform. 

On Instagram, he has over 550,000 followers. On Twitter, his ideal follower number strikes between 350,000. Over 20,000 people follow him just right on Facebook. And he currently has over 400,000 subscribers with 10M+ content views. 

Aaron Doh’s Vine Life and Rise to Fame

Aaron moved and first tried out his luck on Vine, which was most popular at its time. He initially gained a massive number of followers on Vine with its quality content and uniqueness in his videos. Aaron Doh created his first account on the platform with the name “@aaraondoh” and posted his first content with the title, “Don’t Drink and Drive kids”, in which he did his best. In 2014, Aaron Doh further made his steps onto the popular content-sharing YouTube and made his first channel named “Aaron Doh” which also is his name. In a short period, he gained a wide amount of subscribers, about 460,000 of them. Among his best videos on YouTube, is the video,” Surprise Puppy prank on Roommates”, which got the most number of views. The view count was said to reach over 1M views over years, ultimately getting 1.4M views. Aaron Doh has a wide range of viewers on YouTube channel content. Over the years, his content has received positive appreciation just like his vine and TikTok content. Apart from his content that he posted on Instagram too, Aaron Doh also appeared in a web series, “Freakish” which was produced in 2016. His internet sensation and star fame also got a great boost after he appeared in the show. 

Aaron Doh’s passion and like for songs

Along with this own content on YouTube, Aaron Doh also made and showed his talent for songs. His first song was named “Silent Thoughts” which was released in 2018. It was his first song and also his first single song among the others. Doh’s others songs include: Drowning”, “Read Zone”, “Hold Me Down”, “Love Hangover”, “Not Yourself”, “Grandeur” and other songs too. Among his work, Aaron Doh also released a lot of Extended Playlists and Albums that also consisted of one of his best songs. Some of his cool Extended Plays include “Love Lies” which was the first EP that he ever made. Aaron Doh’s second extended play was “Dreamland”, which consists of the following songs, “ Grandeur”, “Jack and Jill”, “ London Bridges”, “Eeny Meeny Miney Mo”. For a while, Aaron Doh also made his mark in the field of music with his singles and Extended Play albums to a wide range of audiences. 

Aaron Doh’s Personal Life

Doh has dated a lot of women in the past, on the fact that he is a popular social media star. To names, before he started dating Tori D’onofrio, he called his wedding off with his girlfriend Kaitlyn Mackenzie. Kaitlyn is also a popular Instagram star and influencer for the time being. Aaron Doh was in a quite long relationship with Mackenzie before he called off their only wedding due to some reasons. For the time, Doh is currently single and he seems happy about it. There are no forms of relationship engagement news that have been posted on any of Doh’s social media handles.

Aaron Doh’s Controversies

Apart from his success, Aaron Doh never had to face any kind of bad rumors regarding his professional or his personal life at all. He also seems to be a pretty straightforward person with complete dedication towards his content and nothing else. Hence, Aaron Doh has been able to keep his name out of any controversy at all.  

Aaron Doh’s Net worth

With success on TikTok and rising fame with his YouTube channel, Aaron Doh was able to get a good return on his work. In the case of his net worth, he is said to be rich by $20,000 to 30,000 dollars of wealth, which he has been able to pull off from his social media content. Aaron Doh’s social recognition has been said to be increasing more than ever. So he will able to see an increase in his total worth in the coming years.  

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