Aaron Burriss Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Aaron Burriss is one of the classic YouTube content creators available on the platform. You might not be able to recognize him by his name, or may be able to. But he is available on the platform through his YouTube channel named Lazyron Studios which is quite famous. His channel is highly famous for its cool content on different kinds of blogs, challenges, content, skits, and also hilarious parodies of other channels. 

Well, let us get to know more about him.  

Aaron Burriss’ Early Life

Born in the Philippines on February 4th, 1989, Aaron Burriss has quite a good age. And being born in the Philippines means, he was also born to a Filipino couple. His mother’s name is Maribel Burrissand his father’s name is Adam Burriss. He has 2 brothers, namely Alex Burriss and Andrew Burriss who are also like him and also work on the YouTube platform with their own YouTube channels. Aaron Burriss also has a sister whose name is Mariah Burriss. And of all that, Aaron quite of had a good old big family. For quite some time he lived in his country but then initially moved to the state of Montana for some reasons. Then from there, they moved to Kentucky, to the city of Lexington. Later they got shifted to Carolina.  Aaron Burriss holds a great diverse culture but belongs to the American nationality. He also has his Philippines background as his birthplace culture and makes it sound cool sometimes on his videos. 

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Aaron Burriss’ Education Life

Aaron had a whole lot of school changes. When he was living in Kentucky, he joined a private school. He was very smart and intelligent in studies, sports and quite talented in other fields. Aaron then changed to middle school after he got shifted to Carolina. Also, he got to ace up his studies far better than most of the students there. 

He had a bad childhood experience of being fat, was of short height and that did not go well into his experience of school life. He was also bullied for his appearance. All the way, he changed to his slim figure which he keeps reminding himself at some times that he got after a weight shredding. Later, Aaron Burriss got admitted into the University of North Carolina in the city of Charlotte to complete his college education. In college life, he met his best friends including Zach, Kyle, and Ant who are frequently shown in his videos and also his YouTube content.  

Aaron Burriss’ YouTube career and collaborations

He created his channel named “Lazyron Studios” which got its name from his idealistic legendary laziness routine. And thus that, he also named his channel in the same sense in the year 2013.  Among his content being popular for most of the time, his videos are made on the genre of parodies, pranks, sketches, and all sorts of trending challenges along with other kinds of popular vlogs. Aaron Burriss got a great fan base due to content being unique on its own for most of the time. 

Aaron also helps out his younger brother Alex Burriss and his channel named “Wassabi Productions” and stars himself regularly. Aside from YouTube channels of his family members, mostly brothers, he was also featured in many other YouTube channels. He usually puts his friends on his channels too, for a content variety. He also featured in “POPSUGAR GIRLS” and a tiny guide with the following topic as “HOW TO BREAK UP (but nicely) WITH AARON BURRISS”. He also features on the channel named LeendaDProductions” for cool content on the topic “Running into your EX-Girlfriend”. Aaron Burriss also collaborates with other YouTube stars including his brother, the amazing Merrel Twins and most of his content comes along from Veronica, his greatest best friend. 

Aaron Burriss’ Professional Life and his Acting career. 

The professional life of Aaron Burriss got only his attention to his quality content. He has been uploading videos to the channel from the time he has created it. One of his most viewed videos is the one with the title “He only has 2 years to live!” which got a hover of 7+ Million views. Aaron Burriss also worked as an Actor for many YouTube series namely, the Commute, Where is My Romeo, and Prom Knight. He got a wide range of fan following for these series films that also boosted the growth of his channel, Lazyron Productions.

Aaron Burriss’ Personal Life

He did a lot of videos on relationships, but Aaron Burriss is not in a relationship now. He has his best friend Veronica, who has not been claimed as his girlfriend. She appears on almost all of his videos that Aaron posts on YouTube and also on Instagram. Aaron also has a pet dog that goes by the name of Grumpy and he is also featured in his YouTube videos, including his one video titled,” What’s in the box?”. 

Aside, Aaron Burriss does not have any plans to go for a relationship right away. And if he does that, there is a high probability that it will be Veronica. Or she might be. Veronica has gotten with Aaron into a very good friendship, which isn’t expected to be ended like this. Or our Aaron Burriss brother is just waiting for the right moment to start his story.  

Aaron Burriss’ Net Worth

Having a highly successful channel to his side, Aaron Burriss quite had a very good luxurious life. From his acting on YouTube series and earnings from his channel, he has earned good money. And to the exact number, he is a little over-rich to 3 Million dollars. And that is a lot of money. 

From various confined resources, his average daily income has been calculated to be near to somehow 3000 dollars. Although, Aaron Burriss never disclosed his official regular income or his usual worth in social media at all. 

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