Aaliyah Jay Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

One of the best beauty gurus on YouTube and Instagram, Aaliyah Jay has become a great celebrity on both platforms. With over a million followers on Instagram and more than 1 Million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Jay is quite popular. With just being 26 years and accomplishing a lot on the social media platform, Aaliyah Jay has got a lot forward in her life. 

Aaliyah Jay’s Early life and Family

Aaliyah Jay was born on 23 June, in the year 1994, in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, which is located in the USA. There is no official information of Jay’s parents neither they have been visible on her social media handles. The same reason for discreteness also goes to her siblings, although one of her photos once featured a young boy, which may have some relationship with her, which can also be one of her siblings. Aaliyah Jay is of American nationality and she is also from a good background. Her background is yet to be official. Jay at a later time permanently moved to New York for some reasons. 

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Aaliyah Jay’s Education

With her age being on a visible scale, Jay may have received education from high school, college along with Bachelor’s degree. There is no stick of official information that confirms these facts, but as per her status and fluency in English, she seems to be very well educated. 

Aaliyah Jay’s social media handles

Aaliyah Jay has been a social media star both on her handles, which includes millions of engagement audiences. She has been hugely popular on Instagram with over 2 Million followers, with most of them being her true fans. She posts frequently on the platform about her dresses, travels, makeups, and other kinds of pictures. She first posted her Instagram photo in the year 2013 and her first video went live on July 21, 2014. Her account features more than 1000 photos of her travel vlogs, photos, videos and has managed to get great audience reach out. She also has over 900,000 thousand followers on her Facebook account. The Star still does not spend that much time on her Facebook, rather than she stays busy on Instagram and YouTube only.  

Aaliyah Jay’s YouTube channel

She gained a lot of popularity when Aaliyah Jay got to YouTube, where she got to face even better recognition than her Instagram followers. She posts two to three times a week on her channel, with brilliant tutorials on makeup, blogs, dresses, and other kinds of content. Her channel reached a milestone of 1 Million subscribers fast due to her engaging content and her skills, talents. 

The name of Aaliyah Jay’s channel is the same as her name, “Ms. AaliyahJay”. On the first, she did not post any content due to some kind of issue. Then she started posting regularly almost 3 to 4 times, in a single week. 

Aaliyah Jay’s YouTube success

Her first video was titled “Daily Makeup Routine” which went live after the upload in 2012. She went on uploading her passion videos on core makeups, in one of her next videos titled, “No Make-Up Trick Tutorial” which came after a long time right after her first one. The second video of her channel gave it a significant boost that is required for her content to get a sufficient audience. 

2015, in January, Jay uploaded her first QnA video, and quite recently, she also uploaded a “Flawless Face Makeup Seminar by Aaliyah’ that gave her a boost up on her talent. With time, she along with her channel got a great boost up and certified herself as one of the best content creators on YouTube in makeup tutorials. Her 3 Million milestone view was done by her video with the title, “How I Lay My Wings | Aaliyah Jay” and that’s when she got a good grasp of her popularity on YouTube. 

Aaliyah Jay’s personal Life

Let us move on to Jay’s personal life and to be clear, she is in a relationship with a guy that goes by name of Wizard Kelly. He is also a popular star on YouTube and has been sharing their content on the online platform for some time. 

The sweet couple shares and uploads quality and engaging content on their respective YouTube channels named after themselves as AaliyahJay & WizardKelly VLOGS. The channel has already gained a lot of subscribers, near to the number of 180K just in a year. Both Aaliyah Jay and Wizard Kelly share their videos, photos, clips, travel videos, vlogs, and respective shoots on their social media accounts and collaborated content on their YouTube channels. 

Aaliyah Jay’s Professional life

Jay regards herself as one of the beauty Gurus on social media, despite her content reaching a wider range of audiences and getting millions of views. As per her social media handles, she has a lot of professions under her hood. She runs her own YouTube channel that has been super successful for the past years. Aaliyah Jay frequently vlogs about beauty tips, hair dyes, colors, and other beauty enhancement techniques. She has her merchandise that is available for purchases from the source Fanjoy official website which hosts a lot of celebrity merchandise and other things from their favorite social media stars. Aside, she also has a fashionable clothing line under her name “Aaliyah Jay” which is in partnership with Fashion Nova. 

Aaliyah Jay’s Net worth and Age 

Jay is over 26 years old and she has maintained a great physique from her side. She works as a model and a beauty tips, Guru, on YouTube. Her net income comes from merchandise sales, her fashion clothing line that is available on Fanjoy, and also from her stuff, including her own big YouTube channel. From all of this, her net worth is expected to be around $500,000K minimum and a max of $700,000K, and a max worth of 1 Million dollars. It’s about Aaliyah Jay that you got to know about.  

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