A6d Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

One of the common streamers on YouTube, A6d resides in the same community of gaming genre in the platform. And if you don’t know him, he has his real name as “Vincent” which is not as popular as his game name. He is from France but he doesn’t have the still accent of French in his English that is heard from his streams. Aside, A6d also speaks fluent English which has gotten better over the years. 

A6d’s Early Life

On August 3, in the year 2001, A6d was born. He has several names and one of them is “Xem”. His real name is Vincent, but he is more popular with his game name “A6d”, or his ideal name. His ideal birthplace is not known officially, but he has a citizenship of France, which directs towards his birthplace with more probability. Anyway, Vincent may be a citizen of France, but he is highly fluent in English and he gets better. 

A6d’s Educational life

Probably there isn’t any raw information about A6d’s school life or high school life. But given his age which is over 19 years now, he may have received education up till high school and may have gone to college. We will update the information as soon we get a gist of it. 

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Vincent’s Gaming Life

Apart from his home life, Vincent or A6d is a live streamer and a gamer. He has a YouTube channel with his name “A6d” and he posts a lot of content from game streams, vlogs, trolls, memes too. Most of his game content is focused on my craft and he has got a huge history with it.  

Vincent’s collaboration with Skeppy and BadBoyHello

A6d or Vincent, as we know, apart from his gaming content also collaborated with a lot of other gamers, mainly Skeppy and BadBoyHello. They are also popular gamers on YouTube with their respective YouTube channels online. All of the three also have their own YouTube channel named “The Trio” where they post altogether contents too. Skeppy and BadBoyHello are also popular YouTube channel holders with a sufficient amount of audience engagement and decent numbers of subscribers on their channels. 

Vincent’s Minecraft servers

A6d was a lot into his favorite game Minecraft, for which he made a lot of servers that go by the names, SakuraMC, OutvadedLands, The Billboard Squad, Fallen Hosting. The SakuraMC server is still up and running, it can be visited from the IP link = “sakuramc.us”. He made OutvadedLands out of fun to where he copied all the stuff from InvadedLands and pasted them to the new one. The Invadedlands server was made by his friend, Skeppy. But he took down the server and instead used the earned money to go to VidCon 2019, which was held in California. 

At last, he made another server named Fallen Hosting, which was owned by Timon Durand. A6d was made to advertise on it and a lot of discord bots hosting along with dedicated servers for players. But it was taken down in 2019 since the manager of the website did not have enough funds to run it. 

Vincent’s Professional Life

Vincent is a gamer by the way, with its “A6d” named YouTube channel where he posts and uploads most of his content for his viewers. He also runs good web radio stations that include OnlyHit Gold, OnlyHit J-Music, OnlyHitUS. All of these stations are available in the US to be listened to. 

His “A6d” channel has over 385,000 subscribers to the current date as of 2021. A6d posted 99 videos on his channel, which includes most of his professional content on Minecraft, vlogs, trolls, and common memes. 

Vincent has also started making other kinds of content on his YouTube channel that includes FL studio and songs. He also spends some time creating a bot to answers his questions from his Twitter followers. 

Vincent is also available on other social platforms, which is mostly gaming-related. You can find him on Twitch, Discord, and also Instagram. 

Vincent’s Personal Life

A6d is neither in an open relationship now and he does not seem to be getting into one at all. As usual, Vincent is rather seen happy on his streams and there is no information of him having a silent relationship with anyone. He has maintained a clean public profile over the years to make sure he doesn’t get into any kind of trouble. 

Vincent and his Controversies, illegal troubles

He got fined over 300,000 euros for making and running an illegal website. The site is named ARTV, which he made for his friends. The site gained a lot of PR and he monetized it for his gains. Although after some time, the police fined him for illegal streaming allegations from the core company. With all that, he also had to give up his computers, mobile phones, server equipment, addresses, and most of his equipment. 

For his streaming purposes, he had to get new gears. He also got into a controversy with Minecraft Monday shows and the entire trio team backed out from it. Sources say that he was kicked out of the show only just 2 hours before the event. 

YouTube Controversy

Like any other YouTuber, A6d was denied his 100k play button from YouTube, after he has crossed the milestone. Apart from that, YouTube did not send him any response at first but ended up sending him a play button and a join feature on his channel.  

Vincent’s Age, Net Worth

Vincent’s current age is 19, as he was born in 2001. His net worth hasn’t been yet made official. He earns mostly from his YouTube channel with over 385,000 subscribers and a decent amount of views on his channel. Vincent also has a Twitch account, where he streams regularly is Minecraft. This stream also adds a small part to his total income that he makes online. Overall, he made over nearly $65,000 from all his YouTube channels.

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