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You may not know him by his real name, but A1Saud is quite a popular name on Instagram. He is a popular social media personality and has loads of Instagram followers on his account. He also has his own YouTube channel which already surpassed the 2 Million subscribers’ boundary which is a great milestone for a dedicated content creator. Let us learn a bit about A1Saud and what possibly we can rule out of his great lifestyle in detail. 

All About A1Saud: Early Life

A1Saud was born on January 15, 1997, in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, which is situated in the USA. As far as we know this is a great place to be born and it looks like, our Instagram star had the right fate. Well, if you want to know his birth sign, it is Capricorn, and feels free to be happy if it matches yours too. 

He was born to his parents as one among three children, where the other two are his brothers. As of now, no information regarding the identity of neither his parents nor his brothers is disclosed yet. Except, one of the sources got a reveal of one of his brother’s names as “Antonio”, no other form of personal information has been released yet. 

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A1Saud’s Educational life

Being born in the USA, he is assumed to have attended schooling until his high school days. A1Saud belongs to the nationality of Americans and with it in the background, he might have attended some kind of universities too. The current wealth position resides in him to be attending some form of higher education at a specific time. 

A1Saud’s Personal Life

His personal life is has been a great talk of discussion due to his Instagram personality as well as his recent success to his YouTube channel. From a very small age, he was on Instagram, which was in 2014. He started posting content that got him a lot of followers in a very short period. 

A1saud’s Career on Tiktok and Instagram

A1Saud was not popular from the first time until he started posting his content on Musical.ly. The app later changed to Tiktok and he continued his uploads and posting. From usual lip syncs, A1saud moved to much better content to including video clips, pictures, and other forms of content similar to usual vines and challenges. 

A1Saud: Relationship with another Instagram star

With most Instagram influencers and stars with their social life under the hood, A1Saud did not keep it hidden from the social audience. He is in a relationship with another popular Instagram star, Julia Raleigh. The couple has been completely open about the relationship and regularly posts about their cute lifestyle together. Their recent posts and stories can be seen on their social media handles. Like A1Saud, she aka Julia Raleigh is also a popular Instagram star and has her own set of contents including videos, pictures available on Instagram itself. 

Most of the time, the couple focuses on traveling to various places and posting photos, videos, short stories, and small clips on both Instagram and TikTok. With their relationship in a good state and may they live happily, A1Saud has expressed his intentions of taking the relationship further in the future to marriage. Apart from most of the time being spent with his lady of love, A1Saud also loves spending time with his Pet dog Piglet. 

A1Saud’s Professional Life on YouTube

Other than his content that is available on Instagram and TikTok, he also earns well from his self-madeYouTube channel, going by the name ”Jules & Saud”. The channel is named jointly after his name and his girlfriend “Jules Raleigh” together. They both make their content and upload it on the channel that includes normal videos, challenges, pranks, and all other kinds of content. The channel showed a very quick growth of attracting a lot of viewers from the time it started posting content. Till now, it has surpassed over 2.5 Million subscribers with over 400 Million views on its content. A1Saud’s joint channels also feature his other friends who are collaborated and help him, shoot, create and publish his content to other social platforms too. Among his content, his first video was “Guess That Animal With My GirlFriend” which was a comedy video. 

A1Saud’s pet dog Piglet

His content also featured his pet dog “Pretending To Faint in front of my Dog” Funny Reaction video, which garnered a lot of views as well as positive appreciation. At that time, the channel quickly acquainted with over 30,000 subscribers in a short time. Among his top popular videos on the platform, one video named “Hickey Prank On Girlfriend, Freaks Out” and this particular video has managed to get over 7 Million views. This is one of A1Saud’s most popular videos. A1Saud also has his other channel named “Jules and Saud Vlogs”, which until now has gained a good amount of subscribers with just 25 videos. 

A1Saud’s Age and Net Worth

Born in 1997, A1Saud is over 24 years of age to the year 2021. He has a lot of earning options, most of his income comes from both of his YouTube channels. His success also ranges from his TikTok account as well as Instagram social media handles, also contributed to his net worth in varieties of ways. Alone from his YouTube channel, his worth is estimated to be around $500K to $2 Million. 

A1Saud’s Lifestyle

From an early age, A1Saud’s lifestyle was very good. With a high income from his YouTube channels, he is having a very good lifestyle. He has his car, his own home and also engages in a modern lifestyle with his girlfriend. Unlike other social media stars and influencers, A1Saud has maintained a very good profile status and has not involved himself with any kind of false controversies. His current status has been as good as his first step into the social media platform, which is very impressive. 

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