A professor of Cincinnati University went on leave after calling the coronavirus to be the china virus.

President of the US, Donald Trump, has time and again referred to the new virus, which has brought the world to stand still like the one that is produced in the China labs and is a Chinese virus. The University of Cincinnati professor, whose name is John Ucker went on the administrative leave after calling the coronavirus-19 as the Chinese virus. This was stated in the email that is sent to a student. The student of the class, which is taught by the professor, has captured the screenshot of the email sent by the professor and posted on Twitter. The student stated that Ucker had given zero marks. The person could not attend the lab exam as the health department did not allow him into the lab due to this girlfriend being tested positive.

Ucker clearly stated that the students who are tested corona positive would not be given any marks. The tweet posted by the student has received many likes and flood of retweets from people globally. However, the student did not respond to anything on Twitter later. After this incident, the university commented that the professor went on administrative leave with pay and the investigation is pending.

The university stated that the student would not receive zero marks. The issue has been reported to the Office of equal opportunity and access, as stated by the dean of the college of engineering and applied science. There are many derogatory comments that are bothering around this issue. There is a dire need to use senses while speaking about COVID-19. The language used by the professor is also condemned by the President of the University, Neville Pinto. There is no bigotry issue, and everyone would be welcomed with the same respect. The world is fighting against this invisible enemy, which claimed the lives of many people. The critics are calling the language being used to be xenophobic and racist.

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