42 Malicious Apps Removed From the Playstore that has a Total of 8 Million Downloads

The security researchers have now detected a massive year-long adware campaign. The apps that were detected were installed on more than 8 million android devices just from the play store. The Slovak internet security company ESET identified about 42 apps on the Google Play Store as they were part of the campaign. During the time of discovery 21 of the apps can still be found on the App store.

Security researchers immediately informed the Google team about these apps, and they were removed from the Playstore immediately. However, they can still be found on the third-party App stores, revealed in a statement given on Thursday.

Once you install any of this application on your device and launch them, then it will automatically send the home data information along with device type, language, OS version, free storage space, and battery status. Other information like developer mode enabled or rooted, Facebook messenger or Facebook is used on the device or not.

According to the information provided by the security researched Lukar Stefanko, the app gets the configuration data from the control and command server that helps it in displaying ads along with providing it stealth in your device.

If you install this app on your device then it will start to display full-screen ads on your device after a regular interval of time and it might be hard for some people to determine the cause of these ads.

These malicious apps will determine if Google Play security is testing it or not, and then it will try to dodge the security of Google. The apps have settings that will help them to set up a custom delay for displaying the ads. When you try to remove the app, most of the time, you will end up removing the shortcut as its original icon hies itself and runs in the background.

Michael Jamson
Michael Jamson
Michael Jamson is an established technical expert with 6+ years of background in managing the overall designing & development of Machine Learning, Big Data, and AI-powered ventures. He is also an adrenaline junkie, so to refresh himself he loves to indulge in adventure sports such as bungee jumping, paragliding, parachuting, and much more.


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