4 best places to grow your business online

So you started your own business to follow your dreams but don’t know how to grow your business online? Don’t fret, we have got you covered. There is some best social platform that you must try to start you up. Let’s get into it!


Instagram is the best platform to grow business online in a very visual way. It is the third largest social platform with more than 1 billion users. Instagram is particularly great for an e-commerce store, small and large businesses which are looking to promote their products to this mega-popular network. However, you need a large fan base to promote your brand and business on Instagram. You can increase your fan base by buying Instagram followers, likes and views. Also, consider organic ways to grow your Instagram account to get the most out of this platform.

Instagram vs Facebook: Which one to use for Business


It’s not nearly as big as Facebook or Twitter but that’s a plus point. There’s no distraction and People are here to talk about business or profession, especially in the field of drywall estimating services.. They will appreciate any content that helps them in this regard. Post short extracts or summary of your article with a link. You can also post complete articles using the “Publish a Post” feature. Long Form articles work really well on LinkedIn because users don’t have to go anywhere else to read complete articles. If your content receives lots of likes and shares, it will make it to LinkedIn Pulse, which means more exposure. They also promote the trending stories from individual categories, so it’s worth investing your time in building a strong network and promoting your content on LinkedIn.

5. Pinterest:

Pinterest is the second biggest source of traffic that comes from social media referrals. Second only to Facebook and higher than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ (but now Google+ has shut down) combined.

Surprised?If your content falls in the categories like home décor, fashion, and beauty, health, travel, entertainment, or weddings, you should consider promoting your posts on Pinterest.

But there’s a catch. You can’t post a link to your articles with a brief description like Facebook or LinkedIn. You will have to use a high-quality photo or visual. If you don’t have a high-quality photograph, just pick some quote or tip from your post and use Canva to create a visual.

6. Reddit:

Reddit is a very active community and a very aggressive one as well. If you are not posting the right content, you will be down-voted, reported to moderators, and even ridiculed. So be careful and post content only when it will be of help to Redditors. Search for a relevant Subreddit and have a look at the description. It’ll give you an idea of what kind of stories or posts you can post on this Subreddit. Participate in the community by posting helpful content or comments on other’s post. They have recently launched a new site called Upvoted. It features some of the best and most voted content from Reddit community. You cannot post directly to Upvoted but in case your content gets featured, you will get some great exposure for free.

Rakesh Juneja
Rakesh Juneja

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